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Writers! Are you naming a fictional character? Choose a historically and socially accurate name with The European American Character Name Generator.

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About The Writer's Character Name Generator

About The Writer's Character Name Generator

In need of inspiration? Fed up of staring at a blank page and trying to find the right name for a character? Need to name a baby in a hurry? Mix things up with the character name generator!

Simply enter your first and last name into the form and the character name generator will generate a name for you based on your own name. If you choose the random name option you will get a different random character name each time you click. If you want lots of character names, just keep clicking! You'll get new names and descriptions every time. The character name generator allows you to create male names, female names, and neutral sounding names in case you aren't sure which sex you want your character to be yet.

This generator utilizes a huge database of character names from around the world, giving you the opportunity to create completely random names with different ethnicities, as well as choosing the time period in which they were born, going from the Victorian Era all the way through to the present day!

It's great for generating character names for online multiplayer games and tabletop roleplaying games – especially for players of historical, mystery and pulp adventure games like Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Feng Shui, Deadlands, and Space: 1889. If you need help to come up with convincing character names that will bring your adventurer to life, the Character name generator can give you a fresh and vibrant persona to add to your new campaign!

This generator was also created for writers who need realistic and convincing character names, whether you're having your first go at NanoWriMo or you're an experienced writer in need of a quick name for that minor character you've just thought of.

Especially when writing a novel or a series of stories, coming up with a fitting character name for each member of your cast can be surprisingly difficult – and the character name generator gives you the opportunity to craft an immense number of convincing potential characters with whom to populate your stories.

Unlike other generators, this character name generator provides a random personality type for each realistic character created. We are continuing to add new countries to our character name generators, thus giving you the chance to explore different character mixes and potentially give you some fresh directions from which to approach your work. As a writer, by generating character names and personalities in this way, you may discover a new story waiting to be told.

This realistic character name generator can provide names for European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, and Hispanic Americans. With the American names, you can also create names typical of particular eras, from the late 1800s through to modern times. If you're looking for different ethnicities, the character name generator can also provide a wide variety, including:

  • Chinese Names
  • Korean Names
  • Cambodian Names
  • Filipino Names
  • Japanese Names

Check back soon as we add more reference countries to our character names database!

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