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My Little Pony Name Generator

Do you believe in magic? Would you do anything for friendship? Are you brave, loyal, adventurous and kind (and also a horse)? If so, then it's time to canter on down to Ponyville with our My Little Pony name generator!

About Our MLP Names

Are you bookish like Twilight Sparkle, a party pony like Pinkie Pie, or shy like Fluttershy? Are you bold like Rainbow Dash, hard working like Apple Jack, or fashionable like Rarity?

Whether you're a pony girl or a brony boy, this is the place for you! You can create a random MLP character, or one that's uniquely based on your own first and last name, along with a description of your pony's personality and their best friend. It's ideal if you're a diehard fan wanting to create a character for the My Little Pony tabletop roleplaying game, if you want a cute and distinctive screen name, or if you just want to add some sparkle and fun to your day!

In case you haven't realised, this generator is inspired by the successful animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. As a childhood collector and long-term fan of all things pony, Emma wanted to create a generator that sounded authentic and remained true to universe. She has a funny story about this: when she was a child Emma entered a naming competition to name one of the new baby Sea Pony range – a range of My Little Pony toys that Hasbro produced that looked like sea horses. She chose the name Ripple, and although she didn't win the competition, the next range of sea ponies had a baby pony called Ripple, a toy she still owns today!

We hope you enjoy creating some colourful and memorable names, and that it brings a little bit of magic into your life! You might also like our names for unicorns and fairies. You can also visit the rest of our generators via the menu above.

Disclaimer: this is a fan commentary page intended to encourage interest in My Little Pony and the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Our page is not an official publication and is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro, or any of their licensees. Copyrights and trademarks for the film, TV show, articles, and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and reference to them is allowed under the fair use clause of copyright law. Our page is in no way intended to harm or undermine the market value of My Little Pony, rather to encourage fans to engage with and seek out those works.