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Hobbit Name Generator

Are you fond of good food and friendly company? Do you like the idea of living in a well-decorated hole in the ground? Are your feet exceptionally hairy? If so, it's time to add some Middle-Earth magic to your life with our hobbit name generator!

Regarding Hobbit Names

You have the option of creating a random hobbit alter ego, or a specific one that's unique to your own name. It's great if you need a new character name for a tabletop roleplaying game (especially one like Adventures in Middle Earth or The One Ring), for Tolkien-themed online games, or just to add some homely charm to your life!

We built this generator in 2012 about a year after we built the Sindarin elf name creator, which is based specifically on the Sindarin language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien that is spoken by the elves of Middle Earth in The Lord of The Rings universe. The Sindarin generator took weeks to write because Sindarin is a complicated language. Thankfully this one was a much faster build as Tolkien's names for hobbits are much simpler! We've done our best to be true to the spirit of the Shire and create names that conjure up the right mix of humour and affability.

How We Designed the Hobbit Names

We wanted the names to feel completely authentic, so our generator creates new names based on the first and last names of known hobbits. J.R.R. Tolkien created a huge world, and wrote historical chronicles and family trees for his characters, listing many surnames and writing anecdotes about many different hobbits in his universe. Some of the names are quite evocative and funny, and as you would expect from hobbits, they are often homely, bumbling, and a little bit silly, and some describe personality characteristics such as stubbornness. The names often reference plants and flowers and other natural things, as hobbits are keen gardeners. They also make references to other aspects of hobbit life, such as burrows and feet!

Adding Detailed Descriptions

Information about various hobbit names can be sparse and it depends on how much Tolkien wrote about them in his chronicles and family trees. Many of the names are just brief mentions. We have included descriptions of the origins of all of the hobbit surnames, as well as descriptions and short biographies where possible of the characters behind the first names. Most are quite short, but if you are lucky you will find a name with a long and interesting history!

Favourite Hobbits?

Do you have a favourite hobbit? Our favourite name is not Frodo or Bilbo Baggins, or Meriadoc Brandybuck (nicknamed Merry) or Peregrin Took (nicknamed Pippin), it's Samwise Gamgee. We think it's a very evocative name for a hobbit, and Sam really does turn out to be a very wise hobbit, which makes Samwise a very fitting name for him!

Other Lord of the Rings Names

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