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About The Pirate Name GeneratorAhoy me hearties and fellow pirates! Welcome to the pirate name generator. Get ye yer pirate name here! Be generating random names, or choose yerself a pirate name based on your own name, me old swabber! 'Tis great for roleplaying games (RPGs) and online multiplayer pirate games (MMORPGs), or just for havin' a laugh when you're out at sea! This generator creates both male and female names for cutlass-wielding pirates of all ages, and ye can used the thing to rustle up piratical names for World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or just if ye fancy makin' yerself a cool pirate name.
The pirate name generator be new for 2013, and this cunning little device were created with International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th) in mind. Yaarrgghh! Should ye ever be requirin' a pseudonym to hide your dastardly pirating deeds, then ye be comin' to the right place, for we have pirate names aplenty here, along with a goodly amount of rum.
There be pirate name generators around already, but none that give a salty sea dog the option to create random names, or names unique to the user of the name generator, while also giving ye a description of your pirate's personality and where or who they be terrorising. With this name generator, my humble aim was to create swashbuckling, easily remembered pirate names that stick in yer noggin', along with a cheeky nickname, and descriptions of far off pirate lands ripe with treasure! Hoist the Jolly Roger!
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