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About The Rap Name Generator

About The Rap Name Generator

Need to improve your flow? Want to impress the crowd with a scorching MC name? Are you ready to bust a mike as the latest hot rapper to hit the streets? Then make your own rap name with the rap name generator!

Simply enter your first and last name into the form and the rap name generator will create a name for your based on your own name. If you choose the random name option, you will get a different random name every time you click. You'll get new names every time, and you can either roll the dice, or choose a bespoke rap identity that's based on your own name. Which way will you go?

From early pioneers like DJ Hollywood, DJ Kool Herc and Rakim to legends like Grandmaster Flash, Chuck D, the Wu-Tang Clan and The Notorious B.I.G., having the right kind of punchy, attention-grabbing name as a rapper is an absolute must. Artists like Childish Gambino have actually used online generators to choose their rap names, so if you want to craft a persona that's going to set the hip-hop world ablaze, why not give it a shot?

The rap name generator is ideal for writers looking to name a rapper or a hip/hop character, for naming characters in tabletop roleplaying games or online multiplayer games, or if you just want to inject a little stylin' into your day-to-day life. This generator creates fresh new names for male and female rappers of all shapes, sizes and ages, and can be used to create attention-grabbing character names for a variety of uses, or just to make a cool-ass name that'll make you want to walk into da club and make it rain.

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