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Writers! Are you naming a fictional character? Choose a historically and socially accurate name with The Jewish American Character Name Generator.

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About The Jewish American Character Name Generator

About The Jewish American Character Name Generator

Jewish names have a history that goes back thousands of years, and originally used a patronymic system where the first name is followed by either 'ben' (son of) or 'bat' (daughter of), and then their father's name. This system is still used in Jewish religious and cultural life, but during the 18th and 19th Centuries, most Jews in Europe had to change their surnames to either European or specifically German surnames in exchange for the laws governing Jewish emancipation which removed much of the previously legal discrimination against Jews. Many Jews who emigrate back to modern-day Israel change their names back to Hebrew names, in order to leave behind any traces of their life in the Jewish Diaspora.

This character name generator uses historical US birth name data grouped by decade, listing the most popular names for each decade of birth, and for each ethnic group in the United States. This means our character names are historically and culturally realistic, making them perfect for writers, creators, and gamers who want to write historical or minority characters accurately.

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