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Cute Pet Names

Looking for a cute pet name for your new animal pal? Browse our list of adorable names for cats, dogs, bunnies and rodents below.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Sable Female
Sailor Neutral
Sapphire Female
Satchel Male
Scamp Male
Scampy Male
Scooby Male
Scout Male
Scrappy Male
Scruffy Male
Shoeshine Neutral
Shorty Neutral
Silkie Female
Skeeter Male
Skookum Male
Sleepy Neutral
Slinky Neutral
Smokey Neutral
Smudge Neutral
Snickerdoodle Neutral
Snookie Female
Snoop Male
Snoopy Female
Snow Ball Neutral
Snowball Neutral
Snowfly Neutral
Snowy Neutral
Snuffle Neutral
Snuffy Neutral
Snuggles Neutral
Socks Neutral
Sonny Male
Sookie Female
Sox Male
Sparkle Female
Sparkles Female
Sparks Neutral
Sparky Neutral
Sparrow Neutral
Spice Neutral
Spot Male
Sprocket Male
Spud Male
Squirrel Neutral
Star Female
Starshine Female
Stitch Neutral
Stormy Neutral
Sugar Female
Sunshine Neutral
Sweet Pea Female
Sweetheart Female
Sweetie Female
Sweety Female
Name Sex Origin Meaning