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Cute Pet Names

Looking for a cute pet name for your new animal pal? Browse our list of adorable names for cats, dogs, bunnies and rodents below.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Babe Female
Baby Female
Baby Girl Female
Babygirl Female
Bae Neutral
Bambi Female
Banjo Neutral
Beanie Neutral
Beans Male
Bear Male
Bear Bear Neutral
Beau Female
Beaver Neutral
Bee Neutral
Beetle Neutral
Bella Female
Belle Female
Bennie Male
Benny Male
Bertie Male
Bessie Female
Betsy Female
Betty Female
Betty Boop Female
Biggie Male
Bijou Female
Billy Neutral
Bindi Female
Bingo Male
Bink Neutral
Bitsy Female
Blackie Neutral
Blacky Neutral
Blessing Female
Blitzen Neutral
Blondie Female
Blossom Female
Blue Belle Female
Blueberry Neutral
Bobby Neutral
Bobo Neutral
Boo Neutral
Boo Boo Neutral
Booboo Neutral
Boogie Male
Boots Neutral
Bootsie Neutral
Bossy Neutral
Brandy Neutral
Bree Female
Breeze Female
Breezy Female
Brindle Neutral
Brownie Neutral
Bubba Male
Bubblez Female
Bucky Male
Buddy Male
Buffy Female
Bug Neutral
Butter Neutral
Buttercup Female
Butterscotch Female
Buttons Neutral
Name Sex Origin Meaning