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About The Chinese Character Name Generator

About The Chinese Character Name Generator

Names for Chinese characters can present many challenges. Chinese names are always presented surname first, followed by their given name (so someone with the family surname Wei and the given name Zyang would be called Wei Zyang), and given names are often chosen because of particular associations, or if the relevant Chinese written character has an attractive shape.

The Chinese word for surname is xing (姓) and the word for given name is ming (名). Names are typically short. Surnames are almost always monosyllabic, and given names are either one or sometimes two syllables.

Male names are often strongly associated with power and strength, while female names are usually connected to nature or beauty. Naming a child after a famous person or an older relative is frowned upon, however, as it would mean that younger members of families would end up accidentally breaking Chinese etiquette by using names only associated with their elders.

In historic times, babies were traditionally named 100 days after their birth. Prior to their official naming, parents would give their babies a "milk name", often of two characters, frequently beginning with the Chinese character for little or child, xiao (小). Sometimes this name would be an unpleasant or insulting name, in order to ward off demons. Nicknames are as common in China as they are in the rest of the world, and sometimes the milk name would continue in the family after the formal naming as the child's nickname.

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