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About The African American Character Name Generator

About The African American Character Name Generator

Up until the 1950s and the 1960s, most African American names followed everyday European naming conventions fairly closely – until things started to change with the rise of the Civil Rights movements. French names became more popular, with Chantal, Monique, Andre and Antoine becoming so common amongst African Americans that they're often thought of as purely 'black names'. Then the Afrocentrism movement of the 1970s saw an increase in African names like Ashanti, while the Black Power movement inspired the strong idea for African Americans to show pride in their heritage. It's also common now for African American culture to invent new names, often following a prefix like 'La-', 'Da-' or 'Re-' with different suffixes like '-ique', '-isha' or '-aun'.

This character name generator uses historical US birth name data grouped by decade, listing the most popular names for each decade of birth, and for each ethnic group in the United States. This means our character names are historically and culturally realistic, making them perfect for writers, creators, and gamers who want to write historical or minority characters accurately.

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