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Floral Baby Names

Looking for a flower or nature name for your baby girl or boy? Browse our huge list of floral baby names below.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Calantha Female Greek Lovely flower
Callie Female Greek Lark or lovely flower or beautiful one or fortress
Cally Female Greek Lovely flower
Caltha Female Latin Golden yellow flower
Carmelo Male Hebrew Fruitful orchard
Cassia Female Hebrew Cinnamon
Celandine Female Greek Yellow wildflower or swallow
Cencho Male Spanish Honored; crowned with laurel
Chalina Female Spanish A rose, flower
Chamania Female Hebrew Sunflower
Chamaniya Female Hebrew Sunflower
Chameli Female Hindi Jasmine
Chantou Female Cambodian Flower
Chara Female Spanish Rose
Charo Female Spanish Rose
Chu-Hua Female Chinese Chrysanthemum, flower
Cliantha Female Greek Glory flower
Clover Female Old English Clover blossom
Cyma Female Greek Blossoming
Cynthie Female Greek Purple, hyacinth flower
Name Sex Origin Meaning